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Holden Mainstreet: Hannes/Willow/Nathan (Zebra Mussel Edition)

May 01, 2023 Dev Bach
The Holden Village Podcast
Holden Mainstreet: Hannes/Willow/Nathan (Zebra Mussel Edition)
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Welcome to Holden Main Street: a playful podcast series dedicated to capturing the daily life and creative musings of ordinary folk at Holden Village. Who are the people drawn to this wild and uniquely transformative mountain community? How do their descriptions of hilarity, wilderness living, shared work and interior exploration shape the landscape of their time here? Expect to be delighted by improvised stories, poetry readings, the sounds of tea being poured, songs being sung, and bits of whimsy inspired by the moment. Enjoy.

In this episode we are highlighting three fantastic musicians of the village (Hannes Carlsen /Willow Kitson/Nathan McClure), who had the opportunity to record some Holden original songs earlier this Summer. At this moment, I would love to give a big shout out to Dave Michel...who hauled his precious gear from Minnesota so that the village could have these opportunities. None of this would have been possible without his generosity and skill. This episode contains a fun conversation about how these songs were created...the friendship journey between these well as the songs themselves. If you want to hear only the music...check out the Pure Music edition.

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Holden Mainstreet: Hannes/Willow/Nathan (Zebra Mussel Edition)

[00:00:00] Intro: Welcome to Holden Main Street: a playful podcast series dedicated to capturing the daily life and creative musings of ordinary folk at Holden Village. Who are the people drawn to this wild and uniquely transformative mountain community? How do their descriptions of hilarity, wilderness living, shared work and interior exploration shape the landscape of their time here? Expect to be delighted by improvised stories, poetry readings, the sounds of tea being poured, songs being sung, and bits of whimsy inspired by the moment. Enjoy.

[00:00:41] Dev: That is making the cut by the way. We're already recording. 

[00:00:45] Hannes: Oh, are we recording?

[00:00:48] Dev: That's the perfect intro. 

[00:00:51] Nathan: Oh, you know, the zebra mussels. 

[00:00:54] Willow: You gotta watch out for them. 

[00:00:56] Hannes: You gotta watch out for them. Oh, yeah. They're no joke, those zebra mussels. They're no joke. Not at all. 

[00:01:04] Willow: They're no joke! That's funny. 

[00:01:06] Dev: So you've heard it here first listeners. We're gonna create the Holden recording studio. 

[00:01:12] Willow: Give us equipment!

[00:01:15] Hannes: Do you have money? 

[00:01:17] Willow: Do you have money to give us? 

[00:01:20] Nathan: Or donate it to Zebra Mussel cleanup efforts because...

[00:01:24] Dev: That's so true. Half of the proceeds will go to...

[00:01:27] Hannes: We'll also accept that. 

[00:01:29] Nathan: We're actually starting a charity auction for Zebra Mussel relief where we'll play our Holden original songs.

[00:01:37] Hannes: Yes. Yes. Epic.

[00:01:39] Dev: I'll just do a little intro and then we'll just kind of go from there. So, welcome to another episode of the Holden Village Podcast. To another specific episode of Holden Main-Street. In this episode we are highlighting three incredible musicians in the village who have recently recorded a couple songs that we want to highlight and celebrate.

So first of all, let's just go around the circle...say our name...pronouns...and what's one of our first musical memories that we have? So I will go first. I am Dev (he/him) pronouns...and I remember having this like cassette of Boston when I was like five years old. I would just blast it and that was like my first road into progressive rock, which to this day I still love. So in Japan, I would just be this boy walking down the street with this cassette player, blasting Boston in the early 1990s. 

[00:02:48] Hannes: I'm Hannes. I use he/him pronouns and the first thing that popped in my head was that my siblings and I used to blast Skater Boy with our babysitter Siri...and we would just rock out to that song and sing along and dance in the living room. That was epic.

[00:03:09] Willow: I'm Willow. I use they/she pronouns and first thing that came to mind was not a memory that I have, but a memory that my mom has told me...that I did. I was like a very small baby...and I'm standing there on the toilet. My mom is brushing her teeth...and I have my hands up on the sink...and I just start drumming. And then I'm like...whoa...wait a minute...I'm drumming. And I just kind of look at her. And I'm like, Mom! And I came up with a three-year-old type of rhythm. And I've been tapping on my legs ever since.

[00:03:47] Dev: That's incredible. 

[00:03:49] Hannes: You are a leg tapper.

[00:03:54] Nathan: My name's Nathan. I use he/him pronouns. When I was 10, a guy from the church that I grew up in...he wanted to start an after school program, but he wanted to do a kind of a test run with some kids. So me and my siblings and a few of our friends from the church...he gathered us together...and he's like...I'm gonna teach you guys to play in a band...and we're, that's amazing...that's incredible...let's do it. 

And so I got to play the drums. We called it making of the band after the MTV show, which as a matter of fact...I have never was a thing in the early 2000s on MTV. But we called it making of the band and he just taught us how to play the instruments and then also work cohesively as a band together. 

And so from 10 years old...drums were my main instrument and as a highly ADHD child it was very good to let that energy out into a specific focused sort of outlet. And so that is what sparked the rest of my musical life from then on. 

[00:05:09] Dev: What was evident to me while we were recording was that all of you have a deep fondness for each other. And it was great for me to witness that. I'm just curious, how long have you been in the village and how long have you been friends? 

[00:05:25] Nathan: I have been here almost a year. I got here August of last year and it is now the end of July...and Willow came right after I did. 

[00:05:36] Willow: Like a week after, yeah. 

[00:05:37] Nathan: So, just got to hit it off a bit. And honestly, I think the beginning of our friendship was really that trip out to Hart Lake and then when you saw me skinny dipping on the way back when I did not realize you were there. Yeah.

[00:05:54] Willow: I've been here since September of 22...been hanging out. I just signed on for another year, which is super fun. Went out to Hart Lake with Nathan...that's how that started. And then I think I gave you a Reese's...half of a Reese's peanut butter cup. I think that was how that whole thing started. 

[00:06:13] Hannes: That's how we became friends for sure. Yeah, candy is the way to my heart for sure. It's so true. I got here in November...end of I guess two months after. Yeah, oh my gosh. Well, my first memories of Willow were just how unbelievably thoughtful of a person Willow was when I first arrived. I was getting these little notes in pockets. I'd go home and I'm a very unobservant it would take me three or four days to get the notes that would be left...either in my bag or my pocket in my jacket or something.

Willow's one of my earliest friends here...and like...deep. You have just such a peace about you. That you're very easy to become close to quickly. Doesn't feel like you're putting on any airs. 

[00:06:56] Nathan: You like to tell it how it is. 

[00:06:58] Hannes: I really appreciate it. 

[00:07:01] Willow: I kinda do.

[00:07:02] Hannes: And excellent storyteller. Some of the stories are like...this can't be true. 

[00:07:11] Nathan: There's no way that this is real life.

[00:07:14] Hannes: Like, what the heck? But, yeah. So, listening to stories and then Nathan, I mean honestly. 

[00:07:23] Nathan: Like jamming is what we really started on that got us close...was just being able was the start of the cold season...and we would go into the music room that was the little side room in the VC...when it was like 20 to 30 degrees...and very chilly in there...and that room was not properly heated. But it was always fun to go and play piano and jam and sing songs and all that. That definitely was what made us good friends. 

[00:07:55] Hannes: And if you haven't met Nathan, he's a very nice, you know. 

[00:07:58] Dev: I've heard so many stories, yeah. 

[00:08:03] Willow: You're the most welcoming people in the building.

[00:08:05] Nathan: I have been told that I make friends easily. 

[00:08:08] Hannes: You make friends very easily. That's very true. 

[00:08:11] Dev: Amazing. Let's go in order of when we recorded. So we'll just go through each song and you can give a little background for what were the inspirations for it...and what went into the creation of such magical sonic loveliness. So the first was you and Steve. How would you like to talk about that?

[00:08:39] Nathan: Are you gonna give me the classic introduction that you give before you do it?

[00:08:43] Hannes: What's my classic introduction? 

[00:08:44] Nathan: This is just a song that really astonished me. That came during a time that I was going through a lot. But it's about something that really got me through. And this means a lot to me...and so I just really wanted to share this with you all.

[00:09:04] Hannes: Pretty much, yeah. 

[00:09:06] Dev: Actually, you can do everyone's intro. 

[00:09:08] Hannes: That's perfect. That about sums it up. So yeah, this song...what's it called? It's, great question. 

[00:09:18] Nathan: What was the title that you gave it?

[00:09:20] Hannes: All I Need. So this song is called All I Need. So I was living in Seattle at the time and I had been there since September of 2019. I moved there after I graduated college and then I was there for about six months...and then COVID happened. And when COVID happened, I happened to be visiting my family in Minnesota. Once all the lockdown started and everything, I just stayed there for about three months. 

And so I was staying at my parents house and I was really just, you know, I was in my feelings one day and I was just missing...there was just something missing from my life that I just didn't have access to in Minnesota...I had it in Seattle. And I was trying to put my finger on just what it was, you know, I just wasn't sure what it was. So I wrote this song to try to kind of discern what was missing? What do I need to make the magic happen? So this song is called All I Need. And yeah, I wrote it when I was at my parents' house during COVID. Excellent.

[00:10:41] Nathan: It's such a beautiful song. Yeah. 

[00:10:44] Willow: It's such a beautiful song. And then you like listen to it. And you're like...that's a word that I know.

[00:10:56] Hannes: But yeah...really genuinely from the heart. I was actually really missing it.

[00:11:05] Nathan: You can say it's from deep inside.

[00:11:09] Hannes: Yeah. Yes. Oh my gosh. All I need. At the end of the day. That about sums it up.

[00:11:12] Dev: Okay. That was a beautiful number one...or number two.

Song I: All I need (Hannes Carlsen)
Song and lyrics written by Hannes Carlsen
Vocals performed by Hannes Carlsen
Piano performed by Steve Wolbrecht

I want to tell the world about a huge change in my life
It's hard remember what life was like before
I wrote these words to process the multitude of emotions
I've experienced these last few months

And I don't know why it took me so long to understand
what I have missed all this time but I've made my move and now I find

All I need at the end of the day
Is that sweet warm splash of my bidet
Every time I turn up the spray
All My problems fade away

When I wipe, I wipe away tears of joy
I'm no longer a boy
I'm all grown up
And if you care about the environment
Don't give Charmin another cent.
I can't be any succincter
I've never had a happier sphincter
god it feels so good to be clean

It's a religious movement
The greatest schisms of schisms
Followed by the holiest of holy baptisms
As long as I can hold it until I get home

All I need at the end of the day
Is that sweet warm splash of my bidet
Every time I turn up the spray
All My problems fade away

[00:14:13] Dev: Willow, you were the next song that we recorded. How would you like to describe your creation? 

[00:14:19] Willow: Beginning of April, I went out to go get a passport and like send out my stuff...and so I'm driving and I'm like...oh my gosh, I can like cook my own food now. And so I wrote a grocery list on my hand at the stoplight turning into the Walmart in Chelan. And I could have wrote it at the Walmart...parked...or at Fields Point...or on the boat.

But I just decided...I'm so excited...I'm just gonna do it right here. And then the green light happened...okay...damn know...and I drive. And then I'm walking through the Walmart and I'm like, you know, I have a little tune in my head now. A grocery list on my hand. And now I have this tune. And I picked up, you know, my usual things.

And then they were cookies. And I was like cookies! And so I just get back to my car and I'm like...I've got a little tune. And so I started writing this, you know, Oh, I've been living in this place...and I've kind of been there. And now I'm not there...and it just kind of went from there.

Nathan makes a bottle popping sound

[00:15:30] Dev: We're going to highlight that sound, by the way.

[00:15:35] Nathan: I was trying to be quiet for everyone. Gosh!

[00:15:38] Hannes: It's a nice sound.

[00:15:40] Nathan: It's honestly a very beautiful sound.

[00:15:45] Dev: Sorry for interrupting.

[00:15:46] Willow: No, it's cool. And the way I write is...I will write like the verses and then I'll kind of fit the chorus in there...and it was actually when I got back from my out that I was like...I was just kind of feeling a little know...I was just like dang I'm just I'm just a little sad.

There was a lot of stuff going on. But you know...I was like I'm gonna keep writing this song and this was during a time where a family member of mine was in the hospital...and we really didn't know what was going on. And so every breath I took...and like me and this family member are really close...and she's fine now, but it was very scary. And so every like step I took...every muscle that I felt move...I was like just really thankful for it. And I went through a list of just stuff that I do. You know...and I grew up with orange trees in the backyard on a small orchard...and I used to grab oranges, you know, and that was the thing.

And my hands have done so much. And so I just started writing about how we take our bodies for granted. And all of the little things that we walk and grab cookies and write on our our skin is paper. And I'm just writing about that. And then I added harmonica to it...and I was like...psh, this is great! 

[00:17:14] Dev: What is the name of the song?

[00:17:19] Willow: Free. 

[00:17:20] Dev: Legend has it that the first time you performed this song was right after you got your wisdom teeth pulled. 

[00:17:28] Hannes: And then...

[00:17:30] Dev: You took one for the team. 

[00:17:33] Willow: I took one for the team,

 [00:17:30] Nathan: And taped the harmonica to the guitar.

[00:17:43] Willow: It was kind of funny...I messaged Mark Bach and I said...hey, I had heard a rumor that Kathie has a harmonica holder. And I didn't have mine with me at the's in my bag now at all times...just in case.  But turns out no...and I was really banking on that. So I was like...there's no harmonica holder in the village...and so I just taped the harmonica to the guitar. Well, I had just gotten two teeth pulled and you got to be really careful with like the clot. You can't do any like... 

[00:18:24] Nathan: The Clooooooot!

[00:18:30] Willow: I'm just, you know what? It will be fine. It'll be fine. 

[00:18:37] Hannes: If I were to personify Willow in many words is that? Four words. 

[00:18:44] Nathan: It will be fine. It will be fine. And I would rather die.

[00:19:02] Willow:  I do say that a least 4 times a day. Yeah, I taped it...and there's a video of can see me...I'm sitting and there's like the guitar and...

[00:19:12] Nathan: the music stand. Yeah. 

[00:19:15] Willow: And all of a sudden, I just dip my head behind the music stand. 

[00:19:18] Nathan: You hear the harmonica...

[00:19:21] Willow: But I just got my teeth pulled like less than 48 hours prior and you're supposed to wait to like do...

[00:19:18] Nathan: Any harmonica activities.

[00:19:35] Willow: And I was'll be's cool. And it wasn't...and I got dry socket...and then I had to go back to the dentist...and he was like...what the hell? Yeah, it was pretty good. 

[00:19:52] Dev: Wonderful. Yeah. And the song that you're about to hear right now was done in one take. Also, super badass.

Song II: Free (Willow Kitson)
Song and lyrics written by Willow Kitson
Entire song performed by Willow Kitson

Well I've been living up in the mountains for some time now
I thought I outta go out and figure some things out
Wondering what to do, driving down the road
writing a grocery list on my hand

And I said what have all these hands done and what are they gonna do?
They smacked and punched and hugged and held me and you
They dug and swam and clawed and grabbed big oranges from the tree
They've led me and they've guided me
oh lord they've set me free, yes lord they've set me free.

Well I was walking through the store and I was pushing my shopping cart
grabbing vegetables, beer, and cookies shaped like hearts
and as my feet and as my legs walked me down the isle.
I heard a tune I could not shake and it's been buggin me a while

And I said what have all my feet done and what are they gonna do?
They've run and jumped and kicked my hind all the way to you?
They've swung and danced and toed and pranced up dust from the earth
They've led me and they've guided me
oh lord they've set me free, yes lord they've set me free.

Harmonica solo

Next time you're lookin at yourself in the eyes
think about all the stuff you've seen and all the stuff you've climbed
think about your feet and arms and hands and legs too
They've hugged and jumpped and kicked and thrown
and all of that times two

I said look at all we've done and look at what we're gonna do
we love and kiss and laugh and twist the whole day through
we've only the trees, ourselves, and wonders of the world
so go make peace and go make love
I'm talkin to you girl

Set me free, set me free, set me free.
we are free, we are free, we are free.

[00:23:37] Dev: So, onto number three is a collaborative effort with two of our amazing guests. How would you like to talk about your creation? 

[00:23:47] Nathan: Oh, well. What's the name of it first? Okay, so it is a parody of Blackbird about the ravens that tormented me in the Garbology Warehouse. Did we just call it Garbo? 

[00:24:09] Hannes: Ravens? I think it was Blackbirds and Garbo

[00:24:11] Nathan: Blackbirds and Garbo, yeah. So, there was a day in the winter...I had a particularly rough day, where the ravens were tormenting me. And I talked to Hannes and Willow about it actually. You guys both sat down at the table immediately after all of these events. 

[00:24:36] Hannes: How are they tormenting you? We need more context. Were they making fun of you? Calling them names?

[00:24:45] Nathan: Absolutely. They do their (raven imitation). No that was a horrible.

[00:24:50] Willow: That was beautiful. You could do it again...for the people in the back.

[00:24:45] Nathan: Absolutely! There were these two specific ravens that really got desperate for food. And we have up in the warehouse at is not completely closed off because there are compost bins in there that we have to let the gases vent out so that I'm not in an enclosed space with the compost gases...gas myself out. 

So even in the winter it is open I did my very best to be able to put things up to keep the Ravens out. But if you don't know, ravens are incredibly smart and they are beautiful and majestic creatures...and I do truly love them. There was this one day that I was doing a garbology shift...and on the garbology truck...on the top of it...that's where I would keep the trash bags before I would put them in the container they go in...that the ravens can't get into. 

But that day, somebody needed to borrow the truck...and I said...yes, go for it...not remembering there are trash bags on top. So they take the truck. I finish my work for the day...and I go on my weekend. When I come back from my weekend I was actually forewarned by some people...hey, the Ravens made a bit of a mess in Garbo. I think they got into some stuff. And I was like...that's normal. They get into some things. I'll deal with it when I get back to work. It's fine. 

I walk into the warehouse. And I have never seen such a mess in my time here.  So, there were like four trash bags on top of the truck that gets parked in the warehouse. And normally there are regular things in there...if they had gotten into there...thrown some stuff would be like...darn, the ravens got into some stuff again.

But there were a lot of very specific things from our craft area here...a bunch of bobbins from the sewing machines that were thrown all over the place and like all tangled up and tied up around the grates on top of the truck...and there was so much trash everywhere...there was a bag that was full of tissues that were like a hundred plus tissues just thrown all over the was just so much trash everywhere and it took me more than two hours to just clean all of it up.

So I get it all cleaned up...and get it all put back into trash bags...and then I'm taking the trash bags out to where they actually that I can make sure that they don't get ripped open again...and it's winter...and so I'm opening the container where they go...and then I slip and I hit my head on the metal container.

I'm like...I just spent two hours cleaning this up...and I like slip and boom...smack my head right on front of it. And there was something that I wanted to go to right after that...that I made it to the last like two minutes of it because it took me so long to clean all this up...and I make it to the last two minutes of this thing...and I'm just fuming.

I'm like...this is a horrible/terrible day. I am so angry. I'm so mad and then I sit down at this table by myself...I put my headphones in...I start doing some Sudoku. I'm gonna just  try to vent this anger off into this puzzle right now. You know what you do when you're do some Sudoku.

And I sit down and I'm just like doing this...and then Hannes and Willow both sit down at the table that I'm at...and I take my headphones off and say...hey guys, I just need you to know...I am very angry right now. And I went through the events of what happened in the day...these are the reasons why I'm angry.

It has nothing to do with anybody here or either of you. I'm just really angry right now. And I just need you to know that. And honestly, it did help to fume off some of that anger. And I think it was maybe the next day...maybe two days later...Hannes comes to me and goes...hey, I wrote a parody version of what happened to you. I've got some lyrics for this parody version of Blackbird. I think we should do it for an open mic. And I was like...I'm going to be honest right now. It's too soon. I can't do that. I can't do that right now.

And so, over time, we eventually ended up working on the rest of the lyrics for it...and the first time that we played it for people was actually at a Vesper service...the theme of the Vesper service was hilarity...and so we released the Garbo Ravens...Ravens and Garbo Blackbird parody at a Vesper service about hilarity...about my terrible day in Garbo, which now I can look back and laugh at months later with a parody song to pair with it. So that is how the song came to fruition. 

[00:30:48] Dev: And it should also be noted that your connection with the Ravens goes even beyond the song, it is manifested as a tarot card. 

[00:30:56] Nathan: It indeed has. Yes. Beth, who is one of my chal-mates and the art studio technician...created a tarot card of me fighting off the ravens with a pitchfork...the pitchfork that I use to churn compost spins, which has incredible, beautiful details of so many things. So many little Garbo details and details of my life. 

[00:31:26] Dev: Do you have anything you'd like to say as the guitar player of that particular track?

[00:31:30] Hannes: And lyricist. Right. Well, I think we integrated the hikies at the end. Like most of it was written and then were do we actually finish the song? How do we wrap this up. So, yeah, we went for the hikies.

[00:31:45] Nathan: You can't go wrong with the church fly.

[00:31:47] Hannes: Church fly. Yeah. Which, you know, it's only right. I'm not sure if the people listening will know what the hikies and the church fly are. 

[00:31:57] Dev: Intuitively, like on a subconscious level...everyone knows what's going on. 

[00:32:02] Hannes: Yeah. That is correct.

Song III: Blackbird & Garbo (Nathan McClure & Hannes Carlsen)
Lyrics written by Nathan McClure & Hannes Carlsen
Vocals performed by Nathan McClure
Guitar performed by Hannes Carlsen
Original song written by John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Blackbirds chillin in the garbo dome
the raven then have made this place their home
they wont leave me alone
diggin in the dumpster lookin for some styrofoam.

Blackbirds had themelves a time
even invited a magpie
I just might cry
they've taken all the tissues and strewn they awry

Blackbirds sigh
Blackbirds why
I wanna be friends but you gotta comply

Blackbirds thinkin they're at a spa
soakin up the steam of compost thaw
just one more caw
my patience has run thin and that would be the final straw

Blackbirds and I now get along
the church fly is now the nuisance in this song
buzzing along
landing in high places even though he knows it's wrong

Church fly
Church fly
I'd much rather have the hikeee's walk buy

[00:34:16] Dev: So, speaking of smart animals inspiring songs...last but not least...what do we got? 

[00:34:26] Hannes: This song is about an unexpected roommate this past winter. It's inspired by my partner Tiena's in Chalet I and having a Pine Martin...who decided to move into the roof of Chalet I. And I guess not even the roof....the middle gap between the first and second floor.

[00:34:50] Dev: I heard it last night.

[00:34:55] Hannes: Yeah, he's back. Marty is back...he was gone for a little while there, but he was definitely there during the winter. So this song is about Marty and how he lives in the ceiling of Chalet I in the winter.

[00:35:20] Nathan: And now the summer. 

[00:35:23] Hannes: And now he's back, apparently. Maybe he forgot some stuff. But he did move out and I wrote the song before the I wrote it in the winter...and I kind of predicted that he would move out in the spring. And he I kind of manifested it.

[00:35:43] Dev: Oh, like a divination.

[00:35:48] Hannes: But then he came...he's definitely back. When we did the sheetrock we were thinking...okay, we're also going to catch Marty with a live trap...and maybe relocate him to another location. There were some valiant efforts. There were efforts made. I think there was a video of him pushing the cage pushing the live trap. I have to see this. He was're gonna have to do better than this. This is not enticing at all. This is my home...I'm not gonna go for this little cage.

[00:36:10] Nathan: They tried to give peanut butter sandwiches...cereal. Wasn't he also trapped in the basement for a while?

[00:36:28] Hannes: He needed to do laundary.  So true. So true. So anyway, this song's about Marty.

Song IV: Roommate (Hannes Carlsen)
Song and lyrics written by Hannes Carlsen
Entire song performed by Hannes Carlsen

Tiny footsteps are coming from my ceiling
too big for a mouse and much too small to be my housemates 
And I can't sleep without knowing
where those tiny feet are going

My roommate is a Pine Martin 
he's a wild little thing
probably move out in the Spring
but in the Winter months we share a home

We get along just fine the ceiling's his; the floor is mine
I only wish we'd have the same bedtime

Because now I'm up late
listening to his footsteps
pitter/ sleep don't matter to him

If he was a Feret
domesticated life he'd bear it
but he's a wild animal
it's no surprise he's intractable

My roommate is a Pine Martin 
he's a wild little thing
probably move out in the Spring
but in the Winter months we share a home

We get along just fine the ceiling's his; the floor is mine
I only wish we'd have the same bedtime

Because now I'm up late
listening to his footsteps
pitter/ sleep don't matter to him

pitter/patter...pitter/patter all night
pitter/patter...all the way to daylight

[00:40:25] Dev: So, has anyone said that some of your music has serious Jack Johnson vibes? 

[00:40:30] Hannes: I will admit the most of the time when I listen to Jack's like a Sunday morning...and you're making brunch...and it's like...okay...Jack Johnson

[00:40:45] Nathan: maybe some banana pancakes...

[00:40:50] Hannes: For sure. That is, you know, for sure upside down...but banana pancakes is a staple.

[00:40:53] Dev: All three of you are just lovely humans...and I am honored to know you and to hear your musical expertise. 

[00:41:00] Hannes: Thank you.

[00:41:04] Nathan: Thank you for hosting it...for facilitating the recording and for getting us all together to do this.

[00:41:10] Willow: It's such a unique opportunity. 

[00:41:13] Outro: Thanks for joining us. Be sure to view the links in the description for more information or visit our website to find out more about the village. We hope you'll make a pilgrimage to Holden soon. Blessings and peace to you.